What Is New?

  This website is updated as time permits
  It is not our intention to cover every little detail of the mill’s tramway history, this can be found in books and articles that have been published over the years.
The site is the culmination two and a half decades of interest, the content reflecting my personal interest in it all.

The most recent updates can be found on the front page, however, all updates will be listed here.


16-12-2017: Locomotives (Photos and details added)
15-12-2017: Modelling Section (Additional Added)
14-12-2017: Locomotives (Photos and Details Added)
13-12-2017: Thanks/Credits (Additional Added)
12-12-2017: Preservation (Photos Added)
12-12-2017: Dunethin Line Aerial Maps Added.
11-12-2017: More links to relevant forums added.
11-12-2017: Ray Cross Collection Added (Location – Moreton Mill)
11-12-2017: Location – Moreton Mill added.
05-12-2017: Horse Line Aerial Map added.

04-12-2017: Trivia (South of Maroochy River) Section Commenced.
02-12-2017: Buderim Maps Added To Maps Section.
01-12-2017: Eudlo Flats Aerial Maps completed.
29-11-2017: Trivia Section – Minor Additions.
29-11-2017: Recommended Links Section Added To.
29-11-2017: Preservation Section Links Added.
29-11-2017: Paynters/Petrie Creek Photos Added.
29-11-2017: Eudlo Flats (Post Closure) Photos Added.
15-11-2017: Photos of former River Depot Barracks (At Eumundi) added.
15-11-2017: New Preservation page commenced.
15-11-2017: Additions and rearranging of River Depot & Lift Bridge page.
14-11-2017: Corrections made to the site.
16-10-2017: Maroochy River lift bridge preservation project.
29-7-2017: Aerials Lovett 14, Boyle 15,16 through to Bowser 21.
29-7-2017: Aerials being moved to separate pages.
28-7-2017: Mill-Bli Bli and Valdora area maps started.
26-7-2017: Locomotive timelines commenced.
25-7-2017: Coolum line maps updated.
21-7-2017: GE Images to Coolum added.
21-7-2017: GE Image Petrie Ck Rd to the junction of Paynters Ck and Eudlo lines.
19-7-2017: Cooper’s and Benfer’s lines added,
18-7-2017: System map added, page links cleaned up and fixed.
12-7-2017: Thanks/Credits page added to.
30-6-2017: Maroochy River Bridge (new page), Punt Line (new photos)
12-6-2017: Punt line (new photos)