System Trivia (South Of River)


  This listing is not meant to be a full history of the lines south of the Maroochy River, more so a listing of interesting events to have
occurred over the years since opening.
 Additional items are always welcome. 

Moreton Mill to River Depot

1901-00-00 – Line opened to Rosemount (Perrens). Horse worked.
1905-00-00 – MORETON (Krauss) purchased and replaced horse working.
1911-03-31 – 50 men employed on construction to River Depot Terminus.
1911-11-25 –  Official opening of the new River Depot terminus (south side)
1928-02-00 – Maroochy River lifting bridge washed away in flood.
1928-02-28 – Bridge still washed away.
1928-02-00 – Local proposal to convert damaged bridge into a road/rail bridge.
1938-03-25 – Bridge considered dangerous to river traffic at night.
1938-03-25 – Conversion to road/rail traffic raised again.
1940-04-12 – Discussion between road/rail conversion of lift bridge of a punt.

Clarks Line

1917 – Lift bridge opened.
1990s – Lift bridge removed later in the decade.