Maroochy River Bridge Preservation

  There is currently a proposal that would see the historic Maroochy River lift bridge partially removed for preservation.
  In recent years it had deteriorated to such an extent, that it now has a bad lean on the main lifting section. It is feared that disinterest by the council, and others, will see it eventually swept downstream.
  We recommend joining their Maroochy Shire Lift Bridge Facebook group or emailing them for more details.
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  Dedicated to the Maroochy River tramway lift bridge. Severely neglected it is in danger of being lost.
While heritage listed, no maintenance is carried out and, with each passing year, it falls more and more into disrepair. It is now on an eastward lean and threatening to fall over into the river, to be lost forever.
A practical cost-effective plan is to remove parts and relocate a section onto land.
Known to boaters, the fishing community, kids diving, and a few people with overlooking views, it is mostly unseen by many locals.
Located between Store Rd on the northern bank, and the sometimes difficult to access River Store Rd on the southern, it has was an important part of the local sugar industry for many decades.
The Facebook group welcomes contributions of history, stories, photos, and most importantly suggestions regarding saving this magnificent old bridge.

Maroochy River Lift Bridge group.

Maroochy Shire Tramways SIG.

IMG_8012Photo: Brad Peadon 2003


Recent heavy rains have seen flooding of the Maroochy River and a significant build-up of debris on the western side.
Past flood events have seen the bridge, in far better condition than today, washed away and needing major repairs. Such an occurrence now would be a tragic historical loss to the Sunshine Coast.