Local Memories

A compilation of local memories that include the Moreton Mill tramways.

  When I lived in Bli Bli, and going to school there, my parents lived where Bali Estate is. A few of us kids would go on the Loco on a Saturday morning when Mr Jemison was driving.
He told us to call him Jemmi, he was a really nice man and apparently loved kids. He would give us lollies, a real treat for us.
Walking home from school we would wait to wave to him and he would blow that loco whistle full blast, we would nearly jump out of our skin.
Saturday we would tell him not to do it and he would say ok I won’t.
Come school, we would wait on the bridge and, you guessed it, he would come out the other side laughing. This was the late Thirties to early Forties. Thank you Jemmi you were the best.
I remember Bli Bli was mainly cane farms then certainly no shops or bridge over the River then.
Joyce Killip (née Bennett ) I live in Nambour so haven’t gone far.

Please share your tramway memories with us.