UPDATED: 30-11-2018

  The aim of this website is to share information on the tramways, east of the Queensland Railways mainline, in the Maroochy Shire region of Queensland.
It is ‘not’ aimed to be a complete history or a professional undertaking.
For tramways west of the QR mainline, I refer you to John Henley’s excellent website based on the Mapleton Tramway.
The site is compiled by Brad Peadon with the great help of so many others.

Moreton Mill
Buderim Tramway
The Big Pineapple
Buderim Ginger Factory
Maroochie River Sugar Company

News Section

How Can You Help History?

Sign The Petition

Help Us Save The Historic Maroochy River Lift Bridge.
It takes just a few seconds, but could make all the difference.

Join our group for photos, historical items, and the latest news.

Join In The CelebrationDecember 2nd 2018 at Bli Bli.
‘Maroochy Shire Tramways’ will be there, along with our sister group
‘Maroochy River Lift Bridge’. You shall also find us both at Tramfest
on December 8th. Come and say G’Day.

Recently updated sections.

01-12-2018: Additional To Trivia & Credits Sections.
30-11-2018: New ‘How Can You Help‘ Section.
30-11-2018: News and BPHTI Sections Updated.
29-11-2018: Various Site Updates and Additions.
26-11-2018: Remains of original Punt Line bridge. Clayton Wilks.
12-11-2018: Howard Street in the final year.
11-11-2018: Additional Photo Of Clarks Line.
10-11-2018: Minor Updates To Howard Street Section.
10-11-2018: River Depot and Bridge Shots Added.
09-11-2018: Minor Updates.
08-11-2018: Local Operation Stories in Trivia Section.
04-11-2018: Local Tramway Stories in Trivia Section.
30-10-2018: Jamaica Line Aerials and Post Closure Photos Added.
21-10-2018: News section opened.
15-10-2018: Timbertown Added To Preservation Section.
24-09-2018: Photos of the two Coolum Line swamp bridges. 2018
06-04-2018: Lift Bridge Petition Linked To Group.
09-03-2018: Trivia North Of River Started.
09-03-2018: Coolum Line (South Coolum Branch)
02-03-2018: NOTE: New group email address.
02-03-2018: Additional to modelling section.


Listing of all website updates HERE.

 In the meantime, feel free to come and join our FACEBOOK group and meet others with a similar interest in these lines.

Details of the above project now on our
Maroochy River Bridge page





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